The Good Life Organization- an international organization that builds capacity in local leaders to support the positive development of youth for the purposes of enhancing democratic participation and academic achievement. This vision is fulfilled by building capacity in local leaders through speaking events, trainings, and the use of practical curriculum and tools that enable dialogue, critical reflection, and creative action.


To create and sustain change at a community level that will consequently have a national impact by unifying, equipping, and building capacity in local leaders to powerfully and creatively solve long standing social issues.


The Good Life Organization is starting a national movement to positively transform communities through unified strategic planning efforts.  This strategic planning is unique in that it spans educational, after-school/nonprofit, family, faith communities, and locally cultivated youth leaders.   To achieve this The Good Life Organization is developing educational curricula (The Fulfill the Dream Program) and accompanying products that can be utilized in school, after-school, in faith communities, between family members, and between peers.

This movement is research based and culturally relevant and is activating communities to challenge the negative trends facing youth and encouraging them to create change. This movement of “Hip-hope” which focuses on prevention is aimed at reducing the youth violence rate, high school dropout rate, murder rate, and incarceration rate focusing on youth between 8 and 18 years old.


  • Roger Weissberg Ph.D (Co-founder of CASEL Collaborative for Academic Social And Emotional Learning)
  • Gloria Ladson Billings Ph.D (UW-Madison Professor Culturally Relevant Pedagogy)
  • Robert Enright Ph.D (International Forgiveness Institute)
  • Marcella Runnell Hall Ph.D (NYU Director of Spiritual Development and Diversity)
  • Peter Benson Ph.D (SEARCH Institute- Positive Youth Development)
  • Craig Werner Ph.D (UW-Madison Professor, Board Member of Rock n Roll Hall of Fame)
  • David Pate Ph.D (UW-Milwaukee Professor, Social Work and Community Change)


GLO Radio provides you access with a worldwide network of artists and organizations that are working to using Hip Hop, Spoken Word, and the elements of Hip Hop Culture towards social justice, youth empowerment, and the building of consciousness. Tune into the movement of Real Hip Hop Culture, not heard on mainstream airwaves, and be prepared to be moved with the beats, lyrics, and message of embracing the beautiful struggle. The journey to living the Good Life starts here!

Good Life was 1 of 12 organizations selected world wide to participate in this years Unreasonable Institute. The institute brings together some of the most innovative organizations dedicated to solving the worlds greatest problems. We gave a TED style talk focused on education that brought the house down.

Nahume Diaz is a young man that transformed his life after going through the Fulfill The Dream program. He is now a community leader who works to create change by helping other youth find their voice and use them to offer solutions to community issues. We made a music video with a filmmaker from Disney to capture the change this young man is having in the world. Enjoy this song entitled "The Light"!

Fulfill The Dream CD

Created with some of the best Hiphop artists and producers in the country, this CD tells powerful stories with razor sharp lyrics that connect to the ten principles of the Fulfill The Dream curriculum. Authentic, Relevant, and Engaging, this CD is sure to get youth thinking critically and acting creatively Purchase your copy of the CD online today!