Fulfill The Dream Facilitator Guide:

This guide contains in depth explanations of the ten principles of the Fulfill The Dream curriculum along with step by step instruction on how to facilitate each workshop and meet each learning objective. This program is in alignment with current SEL standards for secondary aged students and connects with all 40 Assets outlined by the SEARCH Institute. This program also meets culturally relevant pedagogical standards at it is embedded in youth culture with the usage of media, movement, and music. in order to use this tool correctly, facilitators must attend a 16 hour certification training. All trainings are available to university

credit and can also go towards being certified as a professional youth development practitioner. To gain more information on training and certification please email us at:



Fulfill The Dream Student Journal:

This journal covers all ten chapters of the Fulfill The Dream curriculum and provides a variety of additional activities to go beyond the span of the classroom workshops. Great for personal reflection and expression this journal contains room for youth to read about real Hiphop Culture and provides the context for how youth in the Bronx were able to empower themselves through art and creatively bring positive change to their communities. The journal also provides youth with creative writing and drawing prompts, and has activities to help them engage with their community. Youth who complete this journal are also eligible to have their work published in our next iteration of Youth Voice Nation. Click below to have a copy sent to you today!

Book Quantity

The student journal is best used in small groups or classrooms. To facilitate this we are offering a substantial discount to orders of 10 and higher. Instead of paying $20 per journal,  your bulk order of ten or more will be reduced 50% to $10 per book including free shipping! Please, contact us at for purchase of more than 10 books


GLO Radio provides you access with a worldwide network of artists and organizations that are working to using Hip Hop, Spoken Word, and the elements of Hip Hop Culture towards social justice, youth empowerment, and the building of consciousness. Tune into the movement of Real Hip Hop Culture, not heard on mainstream airwaves, and be prepared to be moved with the beats, lyrics, and message of embracing the beautiful struggle. The journey to living the Good Life starts here!

Good Life was 1 of 12 organizations selected world wide to participate in this years Unreasonable Institute. The institute brings together some of the most innovative organizations dedicated to solving the worlds greatest problems. We gave a TED style talk focused on education that brought the house down.

Nahume Diaz is a young man that transformed his life after going through the Fulfill The Dream program. He is now a community leader who works to create change by helping other youth find their voice and use them to offer solutions to community issues. We made a music video with a filmmaker from Disney to capture the change this young man is having in the world. Enjoy this song entitled "The Light"!

Fulfill The Dream CD

Created with some of the best Hiphop artists and producers in the country, this CD tells powerful stories with razor sharp lyrics that connect to the ten principles of the Fulfill The Dream curriculum. Authentic, Relevant, and Engaging, this CD is sure to get youth thinking critically and acting creatively Purchase your copy of the CD online today!