Soul Bling- Society says that wealth is measured by the balance of an account or by the value placed on external things. However, our focus on material things like “bling-bling” blinds us to the core realities and creative wealth that we have internally. If we look at the Hip-hop industry today, we see that it is a multi-billion dollar industry that had its beginning with youth living in the South Bronx. But how is it possible that youth living in the ghetto were able to create something so wealthy that its by-product is a multi-billion dollar industry? The truth is that they tapped into a soul bling that was so powerful that it had the potential to give youth the ability to name the world and in turn change it. But somewhere down the line the MC gave up Making Change to Making Cash, and we lost sight of the true potential that we have to be agents of change. Hip-hop Culture reminds us that we are rich in our history; we are rich in our ability to express ourselves; we have a wealth of style and spirituality; and that by cultivating our internal “Soul Blings,” we have the power to change our external circumstances. The following chapter demonstrates voices of people who have reflected on their past and in doing so have gained the courage to envision a better tomorrow.


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Gee willkiers, that’s such a great post!


I could read a book about this without finding such real-world appeoachrs!

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