The Good Life Now- A major breakthrough in science occurred when scientists discovered the amount of power and potential that is inside a single atom. For centuries popular thought has taught us that more is better, and this kind of thinking even influenced science and their ideas of mass, energy, and gravity. In the theory of gravity, Newton explains that the object with the most mass will have the most gravitational pull on other objects. This kind of thinking as applied to life would tell us that it is impossible for us to break the gravitational pull that mass media has on our thinking and that we are destined to live according to the pattern of this society. However, when Einstein developed his theory of relativity, expressed by the famous equation of E=MC2, it showed us that energy is another form of mass. What this means is that just because something is physically bigger (mass media) doesn’t mean that it gets to bully us around; we can tap into (universal principles) and develop the energy to reroute our lives. This principle also illustrates that a great amount of potential can come from very little. Once Einstein and other curious scientists split open an atom (the smallest particle of matter), they realized that there was enough energy inside of it to blow up a country. What needs to be realized in this day and age is not how much you have, but how you use what you have.


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You’ve got it in one. Couldn’t have put it betetr.

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