The Great Life Legacy- You have heard the saying “you reap what you sow,” but have you ever thought about what that really means? Of course, in terms of science it means that if you plant a green bean seed, you will grow a green bean plant. A person who plants corn in the ground will never reap a harvest of rice, lentils, or some other plant. If you plant corn, you will consistently reap corn during harvest time. How does this apply to life? What we plant will eventually grow up and become full-grown not only in dirt, but also in our hearts and life. We can at times be disillusioned about what it is we are planting and end up planting weeds thinking that they are something else. This principle of reaping what is sown is universal, meaning it is consistent no matter what country or era you live in. If someone sows fantasy into their lives, they will never achieve the long-lasting reality that they are looking for. This workshop will talk about how we can plant seeds of change in our lives and in our community.


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Age:  Old
City:  Chicago

I Can’t Take it Any Longer!

How much does it take until we finally make a stand, against the assault attacking every woman, child and man?
I am not trying to say that everyone is weak and I am stronger,
I just can’t take this bull shit any longer.
So I stand with this mic in my hand like a sword ready to finish this,
and expose advertising business for assaulting us through their images.
To do nothing is to be a supporter,
to not detox is to be an absorber, to not renounce means that we endorsers,
to not be above reproach means to be under the influence of sorcerers.
So I compose flows with truth to penetrate surface problems and expose the roots,
to connect rap with wonder
I attack those tactics that try to trap and asunder,
to the lies that proliferate in this dismal state i bring the clap of thunder,
charging into the depths of deaths cave to put the dragon in it’s place thats under
and I have escaped with his head on my plate and excavated his plunder.
I don’t just represent, I re-present
and bring continual reminder that the wages of death have been spent
so that liberation is active I use the role of an MC as a key to free the captives,
and demonstrate imagery that is more attractive.
Now the real challenge is not to take the people out of egypt but the egypt out of the people.
Like dogs returning to their vomit we are still attracted to the tactics of evil.
By evil I mean separation, a selfish suffocation, individual exaltation that cuts off intimate relations it seems so intricate with its temptations,
but it is the opposite of love that is selfless and full of service and patience.
We can claim to walk freely from its ways again and again,
but how is this achievable if we frequently visit its stations of sin.
You see a television station is no different than a gas station,
both fuel vehicles that necessitate your coming back and fueling up again.
Whether it is a mode of transportation or mode of thought that controls your living inspiration.
Neither is sustainable and therefore has an expiration,
so like electric cars or bio-diesel I want to fuel new modes of experimentation.
I live in Chicago and instead of a global city of leaders I see a bunch of people that like to follow.
I see shorty’s on the street, wearing booty shorts, in 40 degrees, where do they fuel up on this being okay?
MTV, BET, Lady Gaga wearing a garment
of meat, like lions prowling on the african tundra these women become street targets, less we forget the 50,000 sex slaves brought into the united states in the black market, but it is not just russian, korean, and chinese women there are cats even at Target looking for their pray to slaughter,
and depending on which springs she has been drinking her identity from it might even be your daughter.
Cause media taught her that she is too fat to be attractive,
that being too smart is subtractive of the quality of girls that want to be so hot so hot they radio-active.
And the radio activates us to live like remote control fates, their programming a brand-washing brain washing in which many woman boast.
How else do you explain lines around the corner of woman waiting to buy thousand dollars purses at Coach?
I am sorry to make you uncomfortable I just got to call it, because these tactics also try to grab for my wallet.
This marketing business causes more damage than a comet,
enchanted with the glamour and glitter but it’s trail is traced with a trail of vomit.
When does it go out of style, sticky rotten beer on bar floors and streets covered in bile, and ladies smile but I got to spoil
it because I can’t take it any longer, so many women puking in toilets that the acid pollutes our drinking water.
Women not being skinny in thongs and not pretty enough, fellahs not being strong and gritty enough, man what a pity when a whole city is living a bluff.
The truth of the matter is that we all have different body types some are thinner and others are thicker, so put down the barbell and don’t past the gin
because there are new ways to display being masculine.
And when it comes to emotions you can be vocal, and do so without the fear of being called a homo.
Forget the dojo the greatest battles we find are the battles of the mind so get ready Hans Solo
or Luke Sky Walker, let this truth illuminate you and you will be fly longer
you are all offsprings of kings and queens, God’s Sons and Daughters,
co laborors to co-create a better place
so embrace your real identity like a pen and get ready to co-author a new fate!

Age:  XeqzDQdQBO
City:  KZEIyNdYzC

Keep on wiitrng and chugging away!

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